Satisfy #2
April 4: Mike Wiering  
Laying Down Our Best
March 28: Mike Wiering  
Later Than I Expected
March 14: Mike Wiering  
Satisfy #1
April 2: Mike Wiering  
Greater Than Ourselves
March 21: Mike Wiering  
Failure, faux pas, forgiveness
April 11: Mike Wiering  
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Gather in person or online at our Sunday services or connect groups to be inspired, uplifted and transformed by God's life-changing Word. Hear stories from people excited to share the joy and blessing of following Jesus.

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Learn about God's faithful love for each one of us and His wisdom for life. Be equipped, guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit to discover and fulfil the purposes you were created for.

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 Build new relationships with people of all ages and from a range of ethnic, social and vocational backgrounds. Enjoy opportunities to serve others within the church community and beyond.