our leaders


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Graham & Dianne Hore
Founding Pastors
Jasmine Turner
Children's Pastor

 Leadership Council



Our leadership council is made up of a dedicated group of people, including the Ministry Team pictured above, who serve the church and local community in a variety of areas. They meet together regularly to oversee the governance of the church.

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Meia Steve.jpeg
Meia & Steve Chandra
Worship Team Leaders
Wendy Matear
Dave & Suzi Pedler
Production Team Leaders, Website
Tristan Crowley
Digital & Print Media
Dale Smith
Cafe Team Leader
Lisa Smith
Smith, Lisa.jpg
Steve Marshall
Young Adults Leader
Hayden Turner
GMTV & Alpha Course

Board of Reference


Rev Rob and Maureen Moores have been appointed by the church for accountability and to be referred to in times of difficulty.


They are given a platform to speak and provide a point of reference when difficulties may arise within the church and there is a need for wise counsel or arbitration.