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our leaders


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Graham & Dianne Hore
Founding Pastors
Jasmine Turner
Children's Pastor

Leadership Council

Our leadership council is made up of a dedicated group of people, including the Ministry Team pictured above, who serve the church and local community in a variety of areas. They meet together regularly to oversee the governance of the church.

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Meia Steve.jpeg
Meia & Steve Chandra
Worship Team Leaders
Dave & Suzi Pedler
Production Team Leaders, Website
Dale Smith
Cafe Team Leader
Hayden Turner
GMTV & Alpha Course
Wendy Matear
Tristan Crowley
Digital & Print Media
Lisa Smith
Smith, Lisa.jpg
Steve Marshall
Young Adults Leader

Board of Reference


Rev Rob and Maureen Moores have been appointed by the church for accountability and to be referred to in times of difficulty.


They are given a platform to speak and provide a point of reference when difficulties may arise within the church and there is a need for wise counsel or arbitration.

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