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Crosslink Christian Network

We are a part of Crosslink Christian Network. Its aim is to support, resource and develop Australian churches and ministries so that they can fulfill their God given vision and purpose. 

Crosslink Christian Network began in the mid 1990s in response to twenty years of Holy Spirit renewal in the church. Although these restoration movements touched every part of the church they did not, like previous movements in history, create a new stream of churches polarized around a distinctive doctrine. The heart of the unity was as strong as the desire for renewal. Eventually the desire to embrace the kingdom purposes of God caused many individuals and churches to separate from their denominations. Initially, five local churches from across two states began to meet for mutual encouragement and support and in 1997 the Network was formally established.


In order to provide the best support for constituent churches and ministries, Crosslink gained ‘denominational’ status from the Commonwealth Government allowing its ministers to receive Marriage Celebrant licenses.

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